Steps To Motherhood


All we can think about for those 9 months is who will my beautiful new baby look like. I can't wait to wrap my arms around them and just snuggle them.

We rock them and sing them to sleep the sweetest songs. Holding them and dreaming of what it will be like to raise them into a successful adult.


They eat.... Boy can they EAT!! You'll find yourself shopping for groceries and spending more time in the store than you spend with any other human on earth! The clerk knows you better than your husband. And if your kids are anything like mine the clerk already knows what to put back... The 50 candy bars that "mysteriously" end up on your order..

Us moms can do it all. And we want to. You'll find yourself just waiting for the summer months you can BBQ...why?? Well silly, because after spending your paycheck on all those groceries only about half actually make it into their mouths. The rest end up on your freshly mopped floor. Outside well... get a dog. They NEVER go hungry!

Your purse sort of becomes your second medicine cabinet. Everything from neosporin and band aids to aspirins and wet naps. Making finding your keys almost a miracle!!

Kids love helping around the house.... You'll find them wanting to help in the most weirdest of ways. Like washing money cause your constantly saying "Don't put that dirty money in your mouth!" Oh you'd be surprised at the things you'll find in that washer!

Ah yes, Motherhood.... Its a wonderful idea.

What makes us keeping going is simple. Kids rock, especially the ones you can give back to their parents.  They are a reflection of ourselves,  so if we don't like what we see well....  Plus, you know we all gotta get old and we need someone there to change our diapers eventually!


Have A Rockin' Mothers Day Weekend!!

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