I See Dead Poultry!

Well, yes we butchered our lovely chickens....but I didn't take pictures of the act like I had wanted to. Mainly because we started at 3:30am setting up and we knew we wanted to be done ASAP. AZ gets hot very early and you dont want to be killing in the heat. So since we had a butt load of chickens to do, and it was just us, I couldnt be photographer and participate at the same time. Sorry :( Next time my sister said she would man the camera for us..... Yea we'll see. She may just pass out and film the ground. LOL.

Things were going smooth. The two older boys would go to the coop and each fetch us a bird. I'd grab the legs while Hubby had the head and chopped. We'd let the bird go and do its thing then hang it up side down while we did the next. So on and so forth. We hang them by rope on like a clothes line. Take the rope and just twist it around the feet and the tension holds them. But I'll tell you, by the time number 11 was on that rope it was dam near the ground. These were heavy birds!! I thought 5lbs. but I think I underestimated them. Our arms were tired!!

After we finished Hubby did the feathers while I did the butchering inside. Now, we decided to skin them and just keep the breasts and legs/thighs. Its how we cook. Its also a lot easier. I didn't have to mess with the guts and icky crap this time. Nice. But next time it may be different I may keep the whole bird for roasting.

I took some pictures after we bagged them up and you'll see what I mean! These were huge chickens!! I bagged in fours instead of six since their so big.

chicken slaughterchicken slaughterchicken slaughter

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Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing!
My dad retired a few years ago, bought some chicks by mail and now thinks he's a free-range chicken farmer. I love to hear about his ongoing battle with the resident rooster for the alpha male position in the roost!

Following you from Friday Follow me.
Glad to have found you!

LaVonne said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and following. I am now following you via RSS feed. :)



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