Mothers Day Re-Post

*This is a re-post from TheChickenista© 2009*
Aprils almost at an end and do you know whats coming up??? You better know! It's our day Whoo Hoo! I don't have many male readers but nevertheless, I'm posting a "what the hell was he thinking post."

After all we ladies do for our men and kids...

-the months of being uncomfortable and clumsy,
-the hours of childbirth,
-the years of never-ending laundry,
-being peed on, (those boys I swear aim right for the face but then cant hit a toliet?)
-the hemmoroids,
-the stretch marks,
-baby proofing,
-the screaming and crying,
-multi-middle-of-the-night wake up calls,
-breast feeding,
-fixing up broken toys & broken hearts,
-the thousands of band aids and neosporin
-the trips to the dr's to remove something you still can't figure out how they got it in there let alone why??

After all this and much much more we are rewarded for our hardwork with a day...One measley 24 hour period.

But we're gratful nonetheless. And boy do I look forward to it!

So why do guys notoriously mess this day up?? My Hubby's great about "my" days but there have been times I've ask "What the hell were you thinking?? This is MY day not YOURS"

Here's some Dontcha even think about it!

10. Don't take us to the lake to fish save that for your day
09. Don't buy a cheap-last-minute-make-no-sense-pertaining-to-us card! We're not old people sitting on a bench!
08. Don't buy those cheesy little off the street bouquets on your way home, buy my favorite flowers
07. Don't buy the mothers ring that was on "sale". Put out the extra dough for our kids birth stones (if ya don't know.. ask)
06. Save the "Greatest Mom in the World" cup for your kids to give. I'm not your Mom.
05. Don't take me to your favorite resturant. Save the Hooters trip for your day
04. A gun safe really isn't a good Mothers Day gift. Yes it's keeps the kids safer but this is MY day. Momma don't want no gun safe!
03. Don't leave the kids with me all day. Yes, I became of Mother because of them but don't mean I wanna spend the whole day with em
02. Don't not wake me up before 9am unless you have breakfast in bed planned. My day. I sleep in.
01. Don't forget the day! Write it on a post it and glue it to your forehead if thats what it takes. Put this day: May 9 in your blackberry. Have a friend remind you. Unless that friend is a man then your just screwed.

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