You ever have one on those nights......

You ever have one of those nights you, no matter how hard you try, can not stop thinking of tomorrow to do's. I'm having one now. My morning was filled with home schooling, science experiments, art projects, meals, diaper after diaper, fighting, whining, and frustrated kids. (Just morning) Followed by a day filled with cleaning, phone calls, playing ref o.k. moms you understand. So here it is early Tuesday morning, I should be well into dream land, and I just keep thinking of whats to be done tomorrow. But tomorrow is no ordinary day. Nope. No schooling, no diapers, no meals, and dare I say no playing referee!!! That's right...I'm getting a day off ladies! Hubby and I are going to the big city to ride shotgun in a race car! While going 200mph round and round in a car is not my idea of fun (more for hubby) how could I pass up a day off. Plus there will be lots of yum yum. So I'm planning our day trip in my head over and over to get it perfect. Not to waste one minute of free time. Now it's not often we get away from the kids, course most of what we do involves "family" activities on purpose, maybe once a year or so. But tomorrow my kids are on Sisters to do list, who already has 5 kids of her own. God bless her for saying yes!

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Stitchblade said...

Oh man what I would do for a DAY OFF...I didn't know those existed for us.....I MUST>>>FIND>>>>ONE>>>>>

anudivya said...

Thanks for visiting me... oh boy! I love your blog name "Chickenista" So funny!

Those baked churros would be a fun project for kids like you said... and sure was fun for me to eat :)

suvi said...

Hi! You are amazing..I mean homeschooling 4 kids, that is something! I have a three year old, she keeps me on my feet and believe me, it is relief she goes to school for a few hours - so you see, I am totally in awe of you. Hugs!

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