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Just found this really great website. Answered my prayers, so far. I have 4 kids and we live on some what of a farm type environment. We have plenty of animals to tend to and that's just part of the kids day. No biggie. They'll feed 'em, clean out pens and the coop. No problem. Wrangle in the escapees, again no gripes, they do it. But when it comes to house chores oh please all I get are whines. So today my oldest wanted yet another animal I told him he had to earn it. So one thing leads to another and I've got my two older boys cleaning my house! I'm in momma heaven. I go to find cool ideas for a chore list and I run across this website It has everything a momma could need done. Great organization for me. Plus on top of their money they earn from me they earn handi points. They could use them for taking care of they virtual pet in "Handi Land" like buying new clothes, fixing up the house, etc. Plus other kids in Handi Land vote on each other. Earning themselves more points. OK I'm just so excited I found this place. It's also educational. They collect stamps and each stamp has a learning lesson to it. Where has this been all my life! It's a game, it's educational , plus my house is getting clean! Yeah baby! One last great thing about it is I can put in their money goal and they know when they're getting closer to it. Moms you have to check this site out. Let me know what you all think of it too!

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