No Kidding......

This morning while we were out tending to the animals Dora, our goat, caught my eye. We've had a back and forth of whether or not she was pregnant, hoping she was. But since its her first kidding she didn't get very big. We live in a pretty open area (our acres are fenced), but I also have other animals with her. According to my schedule if she was pregnant she wasn't ready for a kidding stall just yet, nor did I hear usual noises or see her act "in labor". A week ago Hubby and I were out raking their area and we noticed she lost a bit of baby bump. Her utters were bagged up and her back end looked either she had or was very near kidding. Our first goat kidding so we thought we knew what to expect. We looked everywhere for signs of a kid, but nothing. She loves to sleep next to Big Willy and Big Momma our pigs. We thought could the pigs of..... NO!!!! Couldn't have! We kept a close eye on her thinking maybe it would happen soon. Today officially I'm calling it.. No kid. Very sad. I have Hubby building "Goat Central" so this will never happen again. But it is very hard when these animals grew up with each other from babies. My poor Dora.

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