Nubian Goat Triplets!

How moly!  Have I got news! We welcomed 3 new kids yesterday!  Ahh they are just the sweetest.

I really need to pay better attention, because according to my "calendar" I thought she was only at 130 days.  Which is 20 days too early!  It's kinda hard to tell, my goats love each other and break walls, fences etc to get to each other.  So they could have gotten together earlier than I thought!  LOL.

The kids are healthy, but I haven't been able to get in there good. I was lucky to get just these pictures.  Mama has been very moody and protective with them. I snapped this shot when she went for food. He he he.  I will most definitely keep y'all posted!

4 Sweet Comments:

Belly Charms said...

Oh my goodness. I miss being on a farm. They are so cute. We only ever had calves and kittens. Congrats on your new babies:)

TheSweetOne said...

Ah the memories! We had nubians when I was young. They are SO fun - especially the little ones. Thanks for sharing the news and giving me a warm fuzzy!

Dina said...

Hey! Thanks for following me at Just followed you back!

Deborah Ann said...

The Nubian goats are precious!


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