Wordless Wednesday

OK so not so "wordless" this time.....

I rock!!! No seriously Guitar Hero says I do!

I love the new Wii we bought the kids.   From the sports games to my new fav......  Guitar Hero.  Initially we bought it for our son who just loves "the idea" of playing the guitar.  Like any good parent we want to give him every opportunity to learn and grow a passion..  We've bought him an acoustic and an electric guitar....he's nine.   He hasn't the discipline to just sit and really learnYeah he tinkers with them but somehow he thinks just by having them he's gonna be a rockstar!  You know kids.  He does love writing songs.   Like his famous love songs.  Which I'm not exactly sure where he's found love.  But he writes about it anyway.  Some of his lyrics are really well said.  But that's our Cody, always been very well spoken.  We joke that when he was a baby he never said his first word, he had his first sentence. 

So we buy this game for him for his birthday, and I really didn't take to it at first.  No one did.  I couldn't get the concept.  Seriously I thought I bought crap.  Then Hubby sat down one day and just stated playing and explained it to all of us.  We've been rockin' ever since.

My best note streak is a 78 on You give Love a Bad Name.  Which is almost the only song I play.  Of course on easy. But at least I stopped being boo'ed.  That actually hurt having everyone boo you off the stage...*sniffle* 

Happy St Patty's Day and Wordless Wednesday!!!

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