State Exam Time Almost Here!

I can't believe how long its been since I last blogged!!  Time has surely flown these last couple months.  I had renovations and schooling galore!  The kids are gearing up for the yearly state exams and I've been going over anything and everything to make sure they're well prepared.    I didn't think I would be this nervous about THEIR testing, but I am.  I guess because it's a reflection of me and my teachings. 

With Cody our concentration has been on reading and reading comprehension.  Since finding out he was way behind on his grade level its been our main focus.  Which wasn't until after I pulled him out and started home schooling.  He was already in 2nd grade!!!  No idea phonics weren't in play there.  I can't believe public school teachers would just pass along students even if they weren't up to level as they should be.   What happened to tutoring after school?!?!  Or letting parents know?

Then of course with Anthony its been his concentration.  He gets bored easily and loses focus quickly.   So, were training his brain to "focus".  He studies one subject everyday and nothing else.  All history all day. Or all reading all day, etc. We were doing just the opposite.   To keep him from getting bored we'd do a little of this and a little of that.  It wasn't helping anything and he would get frustrated.  So, hopefully this way of doing things continues to work.  I have him set a little and do his work without stopping, then add a little more time and so on. 

Of course with these kids we still have to make learning a blast.  Lots of interaction and involvement.   Complete with a reward system lol.  Yes, I'm one of those bribing parents. I almost have to be!  My kids are competitive and if they see a chance to win something they'll go for it!!  We have a reward chart.  For a days completed work they get a sticker.  5 stickers in a row, they get a small prize from the prize box.  For a month of non stop stickers they get a cool prize from the prize box.  No duplicate cool prizes so first one there gets the pick of the litter.  Works for us.  Gets the work done. ☺

We have about two weeks before the state exams and we'll be pretty busy.  I know these kids are looking forward to them...     O_o      ...... Ok maybe not so much, but then its summer vacation just around the corner! 

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