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Wordless Wednesday and Blog Hops

I AM SO SAD!! This is the only picture I have pregnant with my 3rd son and I can not for the life of me make it better looking!  It was my fault really, I was HUGE and not very camera happy.  But ugh!  Its all I have as a remembrance from that pregnancy.  Any thoughts?  Is there a miracle out there to fix this dark of photos?

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Simpy Stacie

Wordless Wednesday, Welcome Wednesday, Follow Me

She just turned 4 Monday...Still wears a size 2.. Still screams her head off....Still beautiful as ever

.....Still can't believe I will NEVER have a 3 yr old in the house again EVER!

Wordless Wednesday?? HA!

Yeah right wordless, today is the first day of school.  So its gonna be anything but wordless......

So, Ive been slowly gathering everything and putting away, organizing, planning......Thinking oh Ive got a month, I got weeks.... I got days before school....ITS HERE!! Its TODAY! Am I ready???  Hell yea! Woo Hoo!!! 

Ive enjoyed summer.  No schedule, no bedtimes, whatever goes.... Now Ive gotta get these kids butts in gear for the new year.  Something about schooling them is just friggin awesome.  And no matter what the subject or grade lvl, I still find stuff I didn't know.   It occupies my time too quite nicely. LOL pft! Yea that part not so much.  I'd like to have 6 free hours a day.... well maybe not that much I wouldn't know what to do with myself.  But maybe per week would be awesome! 

Ive made a promise to the kids...This year is going to be packed with more laughs, tons more fun, definitely more craziness and we may learn some new shit! HA!  We're gonna have fights yes, we always do.  There will be tough love, but its with love.  We have a newbie in the class, sort of.  Baby Lady Catie will begin Pre-K.  So thats Pre-K, 1st, 4th and 6th! WOW! What the H-E-Double Sippy Straws am I thinking right?!?! 

Happy Wordless Wednesday!

BEST PART OF HOME SCHOOL???  You always sit at the cool table during lunch! 


Wordless Wednesday

Not so wordless this week
Storm Damage 7/19/2010
2010 Tucson Monsoon Storm Damage
This is my sons room...the room I sent him into when the storm hit to close his window....  He got "scared" out 1SECOND before my neighbors horse shelter hit this side of my house and exploded into pieces...  That piece of wood is stuck in my little girls room...
2010 Tucson Monsoon Storm Damage
This is one of many glass shards stuck in his wall opposite of the window, next to the door he ran out of.
2010 Tucson Monsoon Storm Damage

The playhouse Hubs built the kids....More of the flying horse shelter....
2010 Tucson Monsoon Storm Damage
My poor chicken coop lost a roof and their yard all 12 4x4's snapped.  All chickens accounted for and given extra love.

This was by far the most terrifying storm I've ever been in.  I was alone with 4 kids.  Without power without phone without my big strong man to comfort me.  I have never felt wind that powerful.  My hallway was like a vacuum.  Glass is everywhere, glass powder everywhere.  Debris everywhere.  My neighbors lost roofs, outbuildings, fencing posts, and awnings.  But no one lost anything precious.  Lives.  All are safe.  Animals unscathed.

We're uncertain at whose to blame for the rain dance that day.....  Tucson Monsoon 7/19/2010

Wordless Wednesday And FLYB

Ahhh Summertime...............


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Wordless Wednesday

OK so not so "wordless" this time.....

I rock!!! No seriously Guitar Hero says I do!

I love the new Wii we bought the kids.   From the sports games to my new fav......  Guitar Hero.  Initially we bought it for our son who just loves "the idea" of playing the guitar.  Like any good parent we want to give him every opportunity to learn and grow a passion..  We've bought him an acoustic and an electric guitar....he's nine.   He hasn't the discipline to just sit and really learnYeah he tinkers with them but somehow he thinks just by having them he's gonna be a rockstar!  You know kids.  He does love writing songs.   Like his famous love songs.  Which I'm not exactly sure where he's found love.  But he writes about it anyway.  Some of his lyrics are really well said.  But that's our Cody, always been very well spoken.  We joke that when he was a baby he never said his first word, he had his first sentence. 

So we buy this game for him for his birthday, and I really didn't take to it at first.  No one did.  I couldn't get the concept.  Seriously I thought I bought crap.  Then Hubby sat down one day and just stated playing and explained it to all of us.  We've been rockin' ever since.

My best note streak is a 78 on You give Love a Bad Name.  Which is almost the only song I play.  Of course on easy. But at least I stopped being boo'ed.  That actually hurt having everyone boo you off the stage...*sniffle* 

Happy St Patty's Day and Wordless Wednesday!!!

St. Patrick's Day MySpace Glitter Images

Wordless Wednesday

Hubby After Painting-palooza
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Me After Painting-palooza

Wordless Wednesday

Pattern Blocks don't you just love them. They entertained the kids for a full 2 hours....  And they actually worked together on it!!  Gave for some much needed adult time. NO!!! Not that. Happy Wordless Wednesday!

Wordless Wednesday

February 3, 2010

2010 Grammy Awards

Beautiful song, Beautiful performance....the costume, wordless.

Wordless Wednesday

A tweep of mine Jason Pollock found these the other day! Amazing! Thanks Jason!

Wordless Wednesdays

Some Photos I Found......


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