Tell Me Oh Wise Bellybutton

You Are Doted On

You are sweet, sensitive, and a bit anxious. You are likely to have some health problems.
(Atleast it lead into it nicely.)

It's likely that you will have four or more children... whether you use birth control or not!
(Right on bellybutton I have 4!)

You are not easily moved. You are very stoic and not thought of as an emotional person.
(Huh? Screw you bellybutton! I'm very freakin emotional!)

You are very detail oriented and tidy. Some may even call you obsessive.
(Not at all, my piles of paper have piles)

You are a dreamer who always explores possibilities. Even if you would never do something, you like to fantasize about it. (So wise)

3 Sweet Comments:

Leigh said...

So belly buttons aren't always right, it got three out of five!

whoopsadasie said...

I never knew my bellybutton had an opinion of me! But I ain't gonna find out what it is either?! LOL !

Tina said...

haha i like these cute little quizzes. im gonna have to give it a go!

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