I'm All For Freedom Of The Press But...........

When exactly did it become acceptable for our news media to single out an individual and just rip them to shreds. Then be "surprised" that said individual is receiving death threats??? It's ridiculous!

I'm sure I could come up with a bunch of examples but I want to focus on this poor woman in California. The woman with the amazing octuplet birth. She didn't ask to be put out all over the news, that was the hospital that leaked that. She didn't go around to church "asking" for donations. That I've heard. While it's not my cup of tea to do what she did, that's her business, not ours. And who are we to judge anyone? Whatever her situation may it be good or bad that's between her and her Lord. Now I have heard only cynical things pertaining to her. Not one positive. "She's trying to look like Angelina Jolie" someone said. Well ya know what she's very pretty and you shouldn't be jealous! "She receives assistance" someone said judgmentally. Well ya know what she has 3 disabled children that's what assistance is for! I've seen plenty of girls with gold bracelets all up their arms and pay with food stamps. I've seen lifted trucks chromed out waiting at the welfare office. Our system has a lot of "free loaders" on it. But this woman is not one of them. She has a legitimate reason to collect. By the way, she doesn't collect welfare just disability for her kids. As tax payer I say that's what its there for.

I'm sure I'm going to tick off a few people with this, but I'm just tired of people getting attacked in the media like this. I'm just as guilty, I watch these programs just like the rest of the mob. But I really don't know how someone could get furious enough to threaten someones life. That I don't get. I may not agree with everything I see on T.V. or someones lifestyle choice, but I sure as heck ain't gonna kill over it. I really do blame the media. They take one side and go with it. Ratings. Ratings. Ratings.

People who could do such a malice thing surely aren't considering the children. She has 14 and some are old enough to hear and understand whats being said about their mom. That's not fair to them. There a lot of parents who had children at times maybe they shouldn't of. Just look at all the multiple birth programs out there. Some of which cashed in when they had theirs. Free vehicles, car seats, food, nannies, the list goes on. Look at Jon & Kate plus 8. Man did they cash in!!! Even before their show on TLC. They just kept asking for more and more donations. The difference? This woman's not married. Or she lives with her parents still.

I saw how upset the mother was about this. But again is it our place to judge? That's a family matter. Why air dirty laundry like that? I'm Mexican so having adult kids at home isn't news to me. Even if they do have a bunch of kids. That's what family is for. You always have a place at home. That's our way of thinking. You don't throw out family and you don't put your parents in homes. You just deal. Because when you need it their there for you.

We don't know the whole story of this woman, and we probably never will. But, she seemed like she had it together and is a pretty decent mom. So just live and let live. If you don't agree there's a bunch of other channels to watch. Before you judge think to yourself of your lowest unproudest moment in life. We all have them. Then picture it being aired worldwide. How great would you come up?

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