Anyone Else Have To Take The Morning After Pill???

No, I'm not referring to that one! I mean a "chill pill"? As you all know yesterday was *sniffle* Valentines Day, and I was robbed! Well no one came into my house and took anything, just my day was robbed! The most romantic day of the year.

Hubby came home yesterday morning at 5am from work then slept til about 1pm. He left for work around 3pm. Then worked til this morning so I was robbed. Not that I didn't have a great day with the kids, it was fun. But, I was just hoping that I would of gotten some sort of Valentinesy thing from Hubby. But noooo.

So needless to say I woke up a little irritated with him, and he knew it! I tried my best to be whatever about it but I just couldn't I guess. I needed to let him know, so this is what I did.

First no nice wake up call, he woke up to vacuuming and loud music blaring. Then, no breakfast. I just made enough for the kids and me. Still he didn't get it yet. So I purposely started loads of clothes and the dish washer so he wouldn't have hot water for his shower. Then, I hid all his socks and acted like I was too busy to find them. OK now he's a little irritated. When it came time for him to head off to work I hadn't packed his lunch yet. So I took my time making it, he hates to be late. Don't laugh, I'm a housewife, these are my resources!

Right before he left he asks, "is something wrong?" I'm thinking yea there's something wrong! I wanted to tell him, "yea man what the heck happened? You could of stopped and got flowers. You could of got a card. You could of done a number of things!" But before I could get any anger out he says "see if you can get us a babysitter for Tuesday." I said, "Why whats Tuesday?" All pissy. "Our Valentine date. I want to take you to somewhere special, it's a surprise. Sorry about yesterday, I didn't want to just pick something up for you that would have no meaning."
I said, "ooh well you know honey we don't need to do anything, we show each other love everyday." "I don't need to go out." But inside I was like yipee!

I know when you've been married for a while especially with kids, other things come first. I'm not really sure why it bothered me so much today. We spent 5 years worth of holidays and anniversaries apart when he was on the road. I guess it being our first Valentines Day with him home had something to do with it. But now I'm better. And all his socks are back in his drawers.

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