Meet Our New Class Pet

This is Floppy! Hubby picked him up today at the feed store. I gotta stop letting him get the feed for the animals! Everytime he goes he comes home with another mouth to feed! *lol*Floppy is a 4 month old Albino*ish* Rabbit.  He's so cool!  He has these killer red eyes, and just the softest fur you ever felt!!

When we we're little Hubby and I both had bunnies.  So we were very excited to have one for the kids.  His was litter box trained, mine was kept outside and I think mean.  But it was so long  ago I can't remember.  I wasn't an outside kinda gal when I was younger.  But Floppy is so sweet, so far. 

Hubby and the boys whipped up this kick a$$ cage for it in no time flat. It was an old entertainment center.  He put fencing down on the bottom to let the what nots go through...

 But man oh my is Zena looking hungry.  Tonight will be very interesting to see what happens between the dogs, cats and new bunny!!

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