Christmas Shopping Online

This is the first year I did most of my shopping online. Between Hubby and I working opposite shifts, taking off to do shopping was going to be tricky. I have ordered online before but never for Christmas. Never have I even paid attention to the deals during Cyber Monday. I started out with Black Friday. Just surfing the web to see what deals were going to happen. Then I saw "Free Shipping", "97 cent Shipping", "B1G1F", "70% off online only!". Well, yes some deals were too good to pass up. Some were last years big whoopla. Some weren't deals at all, just worded fancy. But no lines, no pushing or fighting, tripping each if your into that sort of shopping, you would not like online shopping.

I did manage to find a few things the kids had been whining about. I think I saved quite a bit doing it early and online. Honestly, with the way these kids go thru toys I didn't really want to go all out this year. Never fails...Christmas morning "OMG! I love it! Thank you thank you thank you!!! I'm gonna take care of it I promise!...New Years Days most are broken, missing parts or just plain ol' lost! And I'm not talking just the cheapy fillers. I mean those mini truck ride ons, Hummer RC, Robo Raptor, RoboSapian, Video games, Laser Tag, Transformers, Bikes, Heelies, oh how the list goes on and on! I joke how toys come here to die. But really its so beyond disappointing. I spend all this time and thought on what will make my kids head spin and.....not to mention the money, only to find it shoved under something broken or lost.

But it is Christmas and no matter how many times I threaten to buy them clothes if they don't start treating their toys correctly, I can't have them open socks. Though I should. How funny. I should stock the tree with straight socks and underwear let them open those and see what they do! Once the whine fest is over break out the real presents. Maybe they'll learn! Just a thought.

Back to my online shopping experience. I stuck to ToyRUs and WalMart. Stores I know. Stores that have stores where I live in case something went wrong, I could go there and exchange or return. I did have a small delay with WalMart, but all is here and exactly what I ordered! I may do this every year.

But, be prepared if they're big items they come in the original box! Not a brown cardboard one as I had thought. So the kids got a sneak peek unfortunately. Lucky not the kid getting the toy. I would recommend shipping to a family or friends house to avoid that. I ended up playing interception until all got here safe and unseen.

Last note: They recommend using a credit card not debit card for online shopping. It's easier to dispute charges or misuse.

Happy Shopping!

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