Christmas Homeschool Style

Home schooling I've learned a lot of what I would normally do is counted towards school hours. Even before starting home school, I would make it a point to do something artsy fartsy with them for the holidays.

This year we made some really cool stuff I'd like to share and it's all so super cheap and plenty of fun!! I tried to get them all in one shot so it wouldn't take up an entire page. But some wouldn't fit.

We made an angel, snowflakes, and a Christmas tree.

A pine cone ornament.

A Christmas card.

Every tree needs candy canes, but if your kids are like mine then your tree starts out full of candy canes and quickly disappears! This is a great solution to that!

The angel (10 yr old) is a thin cardboard box from a box of pizza rolls (I save a lot of that stuff. Always something I can use it for.) We covered the cardboard with foil and glued it. While it was drying I had the Anthony cut tissue paper just as they would a snowflake. Then we glued that on top of the foil. Added some sparkly glitter and ta da an angel pretty enough to top your tree with!

The Christmas tree (8yr old): I had an old grass skirt from a Hawaiian birthday party we went to and Caitlin had it all messed up but I knew it would come in handy one day so I saved it! We measured out our length and snipped it. Then Cody gathered the top and taped it then stapled it to the paper. Cody made the star from a yellow pipe cleaner. Added glue and sprinkled glitter. To add a little something I had him color on it as well.

Snowflakes (all): Who doesn't love making snowflakes. I don't think theres ever been a year we haven't made these. They're so much fun and they're always different. We like to add glittery glue to it.

Pine cone Ornament(5yr &3 yr old): We picked up a lot of pine cones when we were on the truck with Daddy cruising America. This year we decided to decorate them for the tree. I had Wyatt and Caitlin drip some glue all over it and sprinkle glitter. Then I tied a ribbon on it . Easy for little hands.

Christmas card (all): This starts out as a regular snowflake, then you just glue it to some construction paper. Fold the paper in half and you have a card ready to decorate and personalize.

Candy cane ornaments (all): Two pipe cleaners. Line em up, twist one end together really tight. Then loosely twist the rest, then at the other end twist tightly again. Bend into a cane shape. Super fun!!

Some fun projects for any age I think. The key is to not go crazy if you can't see the floor through all paper clippings and what nots. Prep area if you particular. Me, I tell the kids go crazy and have fun.....they can clean it up afterwards! LOL. Little hands are very curious and excited and sometimes clumsy so plan their project accordingly. This is a great way to get into the holiday spirit!! Tell stories of when you were little and you did stuff with your parents, or make new memories.

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