Happy 4th!!

Awesome Az Photographer! Click to go to his Flickr page.

Today we're all going to be having bbq's, hanging with friends and family and watching those awesome fireworks! I hope everyone is safe and has a great time! Our plans will be to just stay home and wait for Hubby to get off of work (woo hoo holiday pay!). I would hate to drive on a night like this. People can get dumb or drink and drive. I'd just rather wait. Plus, I'm always worried on nights like these with him out there driving a fuel truck, ugh it gives me the willies just thinking of it.

Have A Great Independence Day!

5 Sweet Comments:

Abhinav Rastogi said...

nice pic!!

Me-Me King said...

Awesome photo. I was at the Tempe display last night. It was one of the best I'd ever seen.

Dana said...

I love you! You ROCK! ;)

Chickenista said...

No messes with our girl's skills... Especially when it comes to those cookies!!! LOL

katherine said...

wow..i love firework display...hope everyone enjoyed the holiday.

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