It's Alive!!!

Yes, I'm still alive! I have so many things happening right now. From the home and family to working and the HOLIDAYS!! Woo hoo!!

One of my favorite Holidays is coming up and I'm just so excited. I love Halloween for so many reasons. I love the scariness and dressing up the kids, but crafts are my thing baby! Even though I'm not home all the time any more, I have to make time for the kids and their school. I found some great websites that I could use as lessons plans about Halloween. My favorite comes from It had a great Astronomy Lesson in it that was easy for all the kids to get involved with. (Ages 3-9) It had the history of Halloween in it and the mythology. Also, constellations visible on Halloween. They go over a little of solstices and equinoxes and how they relate to the seasons. All around great idea for a lesson.

We also got into the decoration making as part of Art. We made everything by hand. Banners, pictures, creepy crawlies and ghosts. All you really need are construction paper, markers, paints, crayons, glue, newspapers, cotton balls, cardboard boxes (cut up)and plastic bags... Very cheap but also very memorable. Stick the name and date on the back and you have life long treasures you can pull out every year and add to it.

On my days off we've been having "Halloween decorating parties" Little by little its come together. Our house is almost "Spooktacular". I couldn't help saying that. This coming week were going to begin the baking part of decorating. That'll be Art, Science and Math! I love it when I can bunch up lessons like that! I have some fun stuff I'm just dying to do! I really hope my camera doesn't poop out on me. I've been trying to charge it. I really want to share with everyone.

My favorite baking tricks:

Oreo cookies(without center) crumbled- as dirt

Nutter butter cookies dipped in white chocolate (dyed grey)- tombstones

Plastic bat, spider rings to press into cakes

Gummy worms

I'll be adding more as the days go on..

I'd love to hear your tricks if you got any comment them for all of us to hear♥

Thanks to all who stuck with me as I've begun juggling the work with everything else.♥

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