Conversation: "Sexy"

My conversation with my 4yr old son Wyatt:

"Can I say sexy Mama?"

"Uhmmm I think that's a big word for such a little guy, don't you?"

"Na ah, Daddy said it was a fine word."

"Well, tell me.. What is sexy?"

"Uhmm. Goin' on a date 'wiff' your lovey."

"And what is a sexy date?"

"Gettin' a soda and sharin' it"

"Uhh huh. Thats sounds nice."

"Watchin' a movie and sharin' da popcorn."

"What a fun date you will be. Then what? Do you kiss?"

"If she tries to kiss me I will say no! Jus' eat your popcorn!!"

"Is kissing bad?"

"No, well, she'll have to gimme a ring first."

"A ring for what, baby?"

"For her to marry me, then I'll kiss her when da man makes me."

"The man? You mean the priest?"


"Are you ready for all this... Dating, marriage kissing, popcorn business?"


"Ok then I think it's too big of word for such a little guy to say, don't you?"

"Yes, mama..... Can I say 'bootalks' (buttocks)"


11 Sweet Comments:

Vicki said...

That is WAY too cute. Can you get my son to stop calling me "babe" now?

Chickenista said...

LOL! I know what you mean, they hear our Hubbys calling us endearments and they pick up on them. They're such cuties!

BK said...

LOL! Children do keep us entertain. :)

The Therapist said..., they are such innocents, that we must teach them a lot of things to get prepared for life.

Grace said...

That's plain ole precious

Cherie said...

ROFL!! I came across your blog through Entrecard and stopped to read for a few minutes. This made me laugh so hard! I have a 2 year old myself so I know I'm in for these conversations soon. Thanks for the laught!

Maricris Zen Mama said...

LMAO! I had an issue with this word with my now 5 year old before. It's funny what our kids pick up. So cute sometimes though :)

Catherine said...

That's adorable! You have such a nice blog!

Buggys said...

Oh gosh. This is precious.

Tracy said...


PictureGirl said...

Oh my! How sweet!

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