New School Year

The kids have been back to school for almost a month now. I'll tell you, last year we were cramped into the smallest room in the house. Which I don't really think its a "room" I think it was just extra space the builder decided to close up slap a window in and call a room. But this year I turned a bedroom into the school room and bunked up a couple kids. So much better now. One of the families I visit does home school too and she has her dinning room converted into a mini classroom. So that gave me the idea. All day I spend with her kids doing home school and its just so much easier. Having the space to move around and have everything not an arms length away really makes a difference.

So Tuesday I started my quest to turn a bedroom into a classroom for all the kids. I figured I'd started both my 3 and 4yr olds out in Kinder together, and make it to where the older ones could enjoy it too. I put in shelves for all the books and supplies. Hung up some home made alphabet signs, which the older boys helped with, complete with picture, capital and lower case letters. We used construction paper for that. Of course we had to do classroom rules on poster board. Tacked up the world map, hung the globe, the corkboard and top it off with a flag. But my favorite has to be the table. I used some index cards as name placecards so they know where their assigned seat is and covered them with clear packaging heavy duty tape. So the little ones could use their dry erase markers to practice writing their name. That got me to thinking about making the whole table writable. So I taped down a clear white paper as their white board, their numbers, alphabet, and practice sheets from an old workbook. Now they have a huge dry erase activity center on the desk! SO neato!

We even have a class pet compliments of Anthony. He caught a cricket and put it in one of his tanks. We named our school mascot the "Hoppers". So cute, the kids really got involved and excited with this change. We held our first class in our new room yesterday. It was a huge success. The little ones learned the letter A and its sound, and got to color an alligator and put it on a Popsicle stick. In history we learned about the Wright Bros and they made their own plane. So all went well.

As for the old room, I'm thinking of turning it into my sewing room. It would be the perfect size for that, and it has such great light. My poor sewing machine has no home, its constantly moving around to the next available spot. With the season almost changing (ALREADY!) I have to get started on their warmer clothes. Maybe this year I'll be able to do their costumes early for Halloween! Maybe, but I'm such a procrastinator.

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